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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company fix foundation wall cracks?

Absolutely! We take great pride in quality injection wall waterproofing. Cracks can be pesky, but our high quality and honest approach will leave your basement dry and your pocket satisfied.

Is it better to fix from the inside or outside of the basement?

We try to avoid digging from the outside by any means necessary. Most of the time we are able to do the French 

Drain Tile jobs from the inside. Rarely is there an occurrence where we dig up the yard alongside the home.

What materials do you use?

That all depends on our client's preference and the job at hand.

We have several options for almost every situation. All with the highest quality and the fairest price

NEW CONSTRUCTION: We can use pink insulation board to insulate and waterproof. However the most popular product is Hydroguard. A black, "bubble-like" surface that keeps the pressure of a harsh rainfall off the exterior foundation.

RESIDENTIAL: We will use the Hydroguard on interior walls of drain tiles jobs. We have several options of the highest quality injections for the common residential foundation cracks. Both are important to prevent major flooding in your basement in Southeast Michigan.

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