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Foundation Crack Repair

DO NOT fall for the French Drain Tile System to fix these! THEY DO NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!! The only time you need to use the French Drain Tile System is on a block wall pre 1975.

There are 2 ways of fixing a foundation wall crack. The first is an excavation of the crack by digging outside to the bottom of the wall, Tar and Hydroguard the crack, then fill the hole with pea pebble. This process is often very expensive and not necessary.

The second method is with our Epoxy/Polyurethane pressure injection. This method uses ports which are placed on the outside of the crack. fluid is pumped into the crack which fills the complete crack up, from top to bottom, preventing future leaking. This method works 95% of the time. That's why we offer our FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE to cover the 5%!

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