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Basement Waterproofing

Insulation Board Installation is a service we started offering once the State of Michigan made this code. This system insulates your basement walls which help reduce the cost of heating your home in the winter. We also offer to put the insulation on the inside of your basement. This is usually recommended if you plan on finishing your basements. Both ways meet the State of Michigan's residential energy code.


I was the first company to use this product 13 years ago. This product has been used in Canada for years prior to making its way to Michigan. When it first made its way to Michigan, it changed the game in foundation waterproofing. With this system, you are almost 100% guaranteed to never have a leak in your basement ever again. Hydro-guard comes with a 30 year guarantee that it will never breakdown or cause a leak in your basement. We have been using this system on thousands of homes in the last 13 years and has cut the number of leaks down to a minimum. If your building a new home, this is a must! Prevention is a rarity in foundation waterproofing and this is an amazing way to prevent any leaks. Ask us about the process, we will be happy to go over it with you.

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