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Preventative Maintenance in the Basement

Happy summer A & M family! We hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather in Southeast Michigan. While we know that everyday isn't always crystal clear, there are things that you can do to keep a simple rainy day from turning into a flooded basement disaster.

1. Semi-annual inspection 

Most homeowners never realize they have a problem until it is too late. We should all be Inspecting our foundation walls and floor at least twice a year. Look for changes in the foundation. Not all cracks are vital to fix immediately, but monitoring their size and growth is crucial. Signs of leaks, seepages and cracks should be noted. If you are unsure then take advange of A & M Basement Waterproofing's FREE VISIT, CONSULTATION and ESTIMATES. Catching a problem spot early could mean a savings of thousands of dollars in your pocket. We may be the highest quality waterproofing company in SE Michigan while having the lowest costs...but savings is savings no matter how you add it up. Keeping a consistent eye on your basement is the best way to prevent disaster.


2. Check your sump pump and sump pit

Your sump pump is the most important part of your basement drainage system. Michigan and mother nature may be beautiful, but they can also be harsh...especially the winters. Without a working sump pump the water from the storms can cause damage and create very serious problems. The main thing to search for on your sump pump is corrosion or build up. Also, check for any debris that has fallen in the pit. We all use our basement for storage, and if the pit is not covered or enclosed then things will find their way in there. 


3. Inspect your exterior walls/foundation

We try to stay inside when taking care of your basement. Digging outside is costly and challenging. However, the exterior can tell us a lot about the interior and significant problem areas in the basement. Walk around your home and check your exterior walls. Sloping away from your home allows water to drain away from the foundation walls. The windows and gutters installation is also vital when checking the exterior. Downspouts not properly directing water away from the home can cause a barrage of water funneling all the water from the roof to one localized spot on your foudnation. Make sure the gutters and spouts are clear. If your gutter downspouts go into an underground system, it is important that the pipes are fitted properly and draining into the underground line. Poorly installed windows can also be a nightmare.

These are simple steps that you can do today. If there are any concerns then don't hesitate to call Anthony @ 586-864-2090. He will give you an honest opinion of how you should approach the care of your basement. 

Thank you! Keep checking those basements and don't forget, "We fix it right the first time!"

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