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The American Dream

What is the American Dream? Are you living it?

Many people will envision financial wealth, cool toys, and several super/underwear models as we sip Margaritas on our yacht. We at A& M Basement Waterproofing don’t hate that thought. Peace is found in many ways, and those things would certainly give the most honest people a clear conscious. But is that the true American Dream?

Maybe The American Dream is nothing but propaganda. It could feed hope to the fallen, and excuses to the cynics. Maybe it is something we tell ourselves to make all of us feel better. Honestly, I think the America Dream is something we subconsciously put on a pedestal. It is not a defined thing. It is not an award or thank you letter of achievement from your president. It’s all in our head. Not to say the American Dream doesn’t exist, because it most certainly does. But what is the American Dream for us will likely be completely different for you. Simply, The American Dream is all about perspective.

The problem with perspective in America is that it is constantly being manipulated and glorified in the media. Many of us swoon in our search for the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect life. But what is what the media tells us perfect? Is having the attention seeking life of Kim Kardashian perfect? Maybe for some. Is being like LeBron James or Peyton Manning what people need to have to secure The American Dream? Not realistically, nor likely…but WE’RE ALL wide-eyed teens that seek fortune that the media indicates to us is perfect. Maybe that makes us lose perspective. We forget what truly matters in life. We forget where we’ve been and the progress we’re making because “We want that!”

A & M is a small business. We were founded on the hope that the American Dream would supply us with sustenance and riches that would take care of our family. Perhaps we find a niche, and provide something that no other company can provide or something valuable to our clients. Maybe people will love our service because we provide it efficiently with our costs and quality. We’ve been in the business for 30 plus years, and have thrived off knowledge, honesty and integrity. For the founders who started the company; we owe a huge amount of gratitude. They've set the standard for our company and we’ve taken his American Dream of providing for his family and taken it for our own…which was their plan. The current owner, Anthony, has taken their dream and has sacrificed to make sure the tradition is carried on. Regardless of what happens from this moment on, A & M will forever be thankful for the path set out by the founders. Anthony (Whom may deserve more accolades than anyone I’ve ever met) deserves the torch handed to him, and has built a quality foundation of business that has held strong. 


To us, the American Dream means having your family over for a party on Sunday night. It means hanging out with your infant nephew, or going to your niece’s recital. It means being a 72 year old retired autoworker having a Saturday brunch at his favorite diner or the wife who looks forward to his “I missed you” kiss every time he returns. The same brunch and kiss he’s embraced for the last 22 years. It is the home run your son hits in little league. It is the man in his 50’s that worked his entire life to see his daughter trot off to college with the largest smile on her face. It is the feeling of looking to the sky and wondering “what is out there.” It is the “That cloud looks like a plane.” It is the, “One day I’m going to become a famous writer”…or “I can’t wait to be a mommy.” The American Dream is whatever you want to make it...but you need to make it. make it, and believe in it. 

We at A & M wish you a Happy Independence Day, and to please remember your American Dream.

LIFE IS WAY TOO SHORT to worry about “what ifs” and “what could have beens.”Be good to those around you. On this BEAUTIFUL DAY IN SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN we ask that you remember the American Dream. We ask you to remember that you only have one life and to make it the best you possibly can. Please reach for what you feel you deserve and look out for those that believe in you. 

Thank you for your eyes and attention. Be safe this weekend and remember…We fix it right the first time.



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